Herb workshop



NEXT RESIDENTIAL COURSE    12th to 19th MAY 2018

6 Days of connecting with herbs from the kitchen, garden and local wilderness enabling continued self learning and safe home practice of herbs for health, from seed to medicine.

The course will be guided by  Rebecca Holloway  BSc(Hons) Herbal medicine and   Carol Trotman (specialist herb grower)

Rebecca has been teaching and practicing herbal medicine for over 10 years in the UK, Spain and Austria

Carol has lived in the Alpujarras for 25 years and is a specialist grower and collector of herbs

Rebecca and Carol have been giving one day Herb Workshops here at Cortijo Vera for the past 3 years and now by popular request they will be doing a 6 day workshop, connecting with herbs through herb walks in the garden and local wilderness, special tea tastings, medicine making,exploring sustainable herb growing,principles and practice of herbal medicine-helping beginners get started and helping the more experienced to deepen herbal practice,helping everyone to connect in with themselves,the plants and the planet.

Participents will leave with:     ` 3 home-made herbal preparations,                                     seeds and instructions for growing herbs at home,        handouts and book recommendation to continue home practice,           notes and wonderful memories of time spent connecting with and working directly with local medicinal herbs,         the resources needed to continue to deepen your relationship with medicinal herbs in your own way, whether meditative,practical or creative.

Accommodation and all meals included in the price see The Courses

Price   390€    –  bargain price to keep it accessible for as many people as possible

Herbs both wild and planted around the olive tree
Bex checks the virtues of VERVAIN
Spot the SAGE

If interested, please find our contact information here.