Successful off grid living

After 25 years of learning to live off grid, we would like to share how we have overcome the various challenges to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, here in a  beautiful valley of the Sierra Nevada.

We offer a  one week workshop, where our guests will enjoy experiencing the off grid lifestyle in all its aspects.

On the course you will learn about:

  • how to deal with your own shit (!) by learning about compost toilets. You can watch our video “A guide to compost toilets” here.
  • preparing and fertilizing the land
  • growing your own food – from sowing the seed to harvesting
  • saving seeds
  • preserving food
  • growing, preparing and using medicinal herbs
  • water and irrigation
  • animal husbandry
  • off grid dwellings
  • power, energy and their storage
  • alternative education
  • community living

…and much much more!

You can find information about the food and accommodation on our courses page.

This one week course with all meals and accommodation included costs only €350 !

Day rates and concessions are available.

NEXT COURSE :       SPRING 2020 ,dates to be finalised soon.


If interested please find contact information here. Thank you!